Susan Morrison

Susan lives in the West Kootenays near Nelson, B.C. She has been interested in modalities that support the expansion of human potential since early adulthood. This passion has led her down many varied and interesting paths. She has studied and practiced traditions such as Tai Chi, Chi kung, Vajrayana Buddhism, Kashmir Shaivism, Kabbalah, Mahamudra, Shamanism, as well as holds certification in 7 Lotus Chi Kung, hypnotherapy, body-mind counselling and therapy, the Work of Byron Katie, and yoga. Susan believes that a regular practice of chi kung, as well as improving awareness and focus, is important in supporting stress reduction, healing and prevention of sickness and longevity. She believes strongly in the wisdom of 7 Lotus Chi Kung with each of the 7 levels building on the capacity gained in the previous level and each level producing it’s own distinct quality of health and harmony. Even though it is a generalized system appropriate for any age and ability for it’s health-giving benefits, she also recommends it as a beautiful compliment to meditation, spiritual development or to those involved in a psychotherapeutic process.  She also wishes chi kung were taught as an energy management system in high schools and hospitals!

At this time (2020-2021) Susan teaches online sessions of chi kung.

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Phone: 250-505-3531