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Rolf has completed a 4 year program in Shamanism and Chi Kung teacher training along with several other forms of Chi Kung with Gretchen Anderson. He has also finished a 4 year program on Tantra and several years of Ontogony with Leonard Allart, a 5 year program on the Healing Path, 2 years of Body Psycotherapy Training, Kabbalah, and many other Tantric teachings and forms of Chi Kung with Dr. Carlos de Leon and is currently studying both Maha Vidya and Shri Vidya with Parvathi Nanda Nath. Rolf has studied 7 Lotus Chi Kung with Gretchen Andersen, Leonard, Carlos de Leon and Gladys Gambetta. In addition to this Rolf has developed his own style of Tantric Fool with which he performs on an ongoing basis.

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Sunshine Coast Calendar of Events

Level 1 Red Lotus

Monday 9:30 am


Open to Beginners

 more information or to try a class please contact Rolf at 604.657.8999