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Valerie, B.Ed., M.Ed, a retired school teacher of 33 years was introduced to Chi Kung and the teachings of Carlos de Leon 8 years ago. This work has become Valerie’s path, a student and practitioner of the teachings and practices of Dr. Carlos de Leon and his students which includes: 5 years of healing retreats with Dr. de Leon, 5 years of Shamanism with Gretchen Anderson and Ana Gonzalez, and 2 years of Tantra study with Lennart Aastrup. Valerie studied her 7 Lotus with Gladys Gambetta and is now a Certified 7 Lotus Chi Kung Instructor currently holding a Red Lotus and Lilac Lotus class in New Denver BC.

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Susan has been researching, studying, and experimenting with various modalities of human development for most of her adult life, sometimes intensely, sometimes casually, always with curiosity.
She has been a student of yoga for many years and has been teaching yoga for the past 10. Her interest in 7 Lotus Chi Kung began with the study of Shamanism in 2004 with Ana Gonzalez and Gretchen Andersen from Mexico.
Since then Susan has studied with Dr. Carlos de Leon of Mexico and Lennart Aastrup of Spain as well as many others. These four primary teachers have eloquently provided background in Shamanistic, Healing and Meditation practices from numerous traditions around the world. Her main areas of study have been 7 Lotus Chi Kung as well as numerous other Chi Kung practices, Kashmir Shaivism, and Classical Tantra from India and Tibet. Susan still enjoys teaching yoga and is now instructing 7 Lotus Chi Kung in Nelson, B.C.

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