About the 7 Lotus System of Energy Management... 

7 Lotus Chi Kung is a body based healing system that combines postures, breathing, movement and other methods to offer a very simple and effective way to develop clarity, energy, awareness and good health. 

There are 7 distinct levels in this chi kung system.  Each level is uniquely designed to introduce you to effective ways of stimulating, unblocking and balancing your energy.  This helps you strengthen and develop a flow of energy in and around your body.

You do not have to finish all 7 levels to take advantage of the healing power of 7 Lotus Chi Kung.  Each level will provide the student with an opportunity to experience a fuller flow of energy.

This work is easy, simple and open to anyone with a clear intent for change and good health.

Overall benefits:

  • Cleanse, Balance, Strengthen & Develop your Vital Energy
  • Improve your health, longevity and harmony of your physical & subtle bodies
  • Open & develop awareness of breath
  • Develop grounding & open the senses
  • Develop awareness of your subtle bodies
  • Improve the flow of energy in and around your body
  • Prepare the body for greater spiritual development

7 Levels



​Level 1 ~  Red Lotus
Opening of basic channels, opening of hands and feet, cleansing

& fortifying of vital energy,improving relaxation and general health


Level 2 ~ Yellow Lotus​​
Opening & activating the main chakras, balancing the three doshas,

opening new channels and activating spiral chi.

Level 3…Green Lotus
Fortifying the muscles, increasing flexibility, detoxifying the body,

loosening body structure, balancing the hemispheres.

Level 4…Blue Lotus
Feeding the internal organs, improving health, strengthening the internal chi,

strengthening the body and internal organs

Level 5…Pink Lotus
Emitting hot, cold & spiral chi, producing golden chi, unifying energy with consciousness,

penetrating meditative states.

Level 6…Lilac Lotus
Connecting with cosmic chi, working with principle of “chi follows thought”,

opening of 3rd eye, activating the immune system, fortifying pre-natal chi.

Level 7…Golden Lotus
Exchanging internal & external chi with 5 elements, further strengthening of

physical & energetic bodies, preparing for higher levels of training.


Founder of 7 Lotus Chi Kung

Dr. Carlos de Leon de Wit


For the past 33 years Dr. Carlos de Leon de Wit has been a restless researcher and practitioner.  Led by the drive to assist in healing our reality of ignorance and suffering, he has explored Western and Eastern traditions and scientific techniques with the goal of transforming our lives, our consciousness through his extensive knowledge of Martial Arts, Chi Kung, Meditation, Shamanism, Spirituality, Paranormal Phenomena and many forms of alternate healing



​Much of Dr. Leon's work has been done with some of the world's most respected teachers and has included many diverse areas including Taoism, Tantra, Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Dzogchen, Mahamudra and Bon.

His training includes : 26 years of Chi Kung Training with Grandmaster Sifu Peng Jiu; A Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, a teacher of Tibetan White Crane Kung Fu & 20 years of the use of traditional Chinese Herbs with SiKung Vincent Chow.

After extensive research to find an easier way to open, clean and strengthen the vital energy, in a practical and useful way for people in the west, he created a system of chi Kung known as 7 Lotus Chi Kung.

Dr. de Leon hold a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is a Dr. of Holistic Medicine.  He created the Ontogony Model: A path of researching, integrating and teaching models of health and consciousness development around the world with an emphasis on finding effective, realistic practices for our generation.